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Polio Free

Polio Videos

Polio & Vaccines: Polio, which has been reduced 99% during the past 20 years, is a great example of the value of childhood vaccines. This collection of videos tells the story of polio and vaccines.

Mainly effecting children under the age of 5, polio dramatically limits the future of children living in poverty. But it's on the verge of being eradicated. Ending polio is our collective responsibility. The world is almost polio-free.

Polio playlists: also see other collections of videos here

India: Polio Videos in Hindi

Fight Against Polio

Fight Against Polio

Amitabh Bachan and Indian Cricketers

Polio efforts in India

The Polio Programmes High Risk Approach

Developing advocates in radio/TV

Amitabh Bachchan on the 20 years of CRC

Polio Immunizations in Bihar's Kosi River Belt

Cricket legend Chandrasekhar on India's historic milestone


Tracking of Nomads for Polio Immunisation


Polio Videos

Bill Gates: Vaccines Save Lives

Piper and the End of Polio

Rotary International President Message

The End of Polio Concert

Rotary International: Eradicate Polio once and for all.

Rotary Lights Up the World to End Polio

Polio Eradication in India

Hugh Jackman: Assume

Bliss n Eso: The B Side

End Polio - Bill Gates

The Last Percent - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Sir Gus Nossal on polio

A message to Perth from Dr Bruce Aylward

FC Barcelona - More than a goal. End Polio

End Polio Now - "The Last Hurdle"

Eradicating Polio [what it takes]

Living With Polio

Rotary's Push To End Polio Now

Standing Tall - Surviving Polio

Progress Against Polio in Nigeria

Polio Vaccine (IPV) -- Childhood Vaccine Series

Could you patent the sun?


End Polio - Rotary International

Staff Benda Bilili 'Polio'

Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine

End Polio - Rotary International

Conquering Polio - 45 min documentary

New Vaccine Joins Campaign to End Polio

Pamoja Dance Group - a mixed and inclusive group is a program intended to provide real integration of dancers with and without disability into the arts community and most important into society at large.


Polio Free


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